About us

Hey! It’s us!

We are husband and wife, creative, dream filled best friends. We got married 6 years ago and although we were photographers before that, we are now so in love with weddings and everything they represent. I (Joy) am the photographer and David is the video half! We LOVE working together and every wedding reminds us of what our wedding day meant to us.

In 2021 our sweet baby boy joined us and has lit up our lives in so many incredible ways!

We are based in Missouri, but we travel anywhere this job or our desire for adventure will take us! We’ve been all over the country, covering many national parking with hiking and photography. We’re always down to discuss awesome elopement locations! 😉

Every time we shoot a wedding, we are focusing on two things:
That we create work that we are personally proud of
and that the photos/films will make our clients FEEL something when they see them.
We’re not all about strict poses, we’re all about capturing real emotion.
If you’re ready to kick off your shoes and have some fun, we’re ready to document it.

We want to capture your love in a way that represents it well, and we know that looks different for every couple. That is why we find it so important to get to know you and learn about the things that make you so unique and special! Please contact us so we can start talking!